This evil man is the leader of the Imperial Army, and not surprisingly, the most powerful man on the continent. Faulkner is feared Eptina-wide for his incredible combat skills and desire to drown the Kingdom Army in an ocean of their own blood and viscera. But why does he hate the Kingdom so much? You'll see as the story progresses.

General Faulkner could be best described as the ying to Bastion's yang. He seems to represent everything Bastion hates, and the two will cross paths and clash many times during the game. Faulkner will also send the incompetent Zakov to do his dirty work, like testing out experimental ATAC models and defending important locations.

Faulkner wages war in the Solarus ATAC, which is a fine piece of work used exclusively by him. Near the end of the game, he gets his evil hands on the Zulwarn ATAC